Dear colleagues,

The NHM is seeking an outstanding candidate for a permanent role as a 
Mineralogical Crystallographer Researcher who will develop a research group 
that explores the fundamental properties and building blocks of minerals at the 
atomic scale.

We are looking for someone who will develop distinctive research programs that 
determine mineral properties, behaviour, systematics, and functionality in 
order to explore their influence on geological, planetary and surface systems. 
The successful candidate will support their research group by securing external 
research funding, taking an active role within the NHM doctoral training 
programs, and extensive collaborations with other research groups, both within 
the NHM and externally.

Please find further details of the post and an explanation of how to apply here:

Closing date for applications is 6th April 2021


Paul Schofield

Paul Schofield
Head of Mineral and Planetary Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD, UK

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