Dear colleagues,
we would like to bring your attention to an upcoming session entitled
materials: spectroscopic and scattering techniques*
<>" at the next IUCr
Congress, 14-22 August  2021.
This is a joint session of the XAFS  and scattering commissions of the IUCr
and seeks to bring together work that uses either, or both, these
approaches to understand disordered materials.
Abstract submission is currently open for contributed talks and the *deadline
is April 15th*.

Currently the meeting is planned to be hybrid with some delegates attending
in Prague, Czech Republic, in person and others attending remotely.  The
cost for remote attendance is much lower.
Because of the uncertainties you are encouraged to submit abstracts and
decide how you will attend later.
Please see the website,, for more information (and to
submit your abstracts).

Three important classes of disordered materials are liquids, glasses and
nanomaterials. Liquids have no long range order, but display local
correlations and order between molecules. Similarly glasses are not
crystalline materials, i.e. they are solids without long range order, but
still with local order between atoms. Nanomaterials have short range order
on the nanoscale. The short range sensitivity of XAS makes it ideal to
study such materials and in total scattering analysis the weak diffuse
features are related to the short and medium range order. This session aims
at highlighting strengths and limitations as well as the complementarity of
spectroscopic and scattering techniques to understand the structural
correlations on the atomic and molecular scale underpinning the macroscopic
properties of disordered and nanostructured materials.

We hope you will join us for what we hope is an exciting session.
Please forward this announcement to others who may be interested!

Best regards,
Angela Trapananti
Simon Billinge
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