If you're using beans and constraints, this should do the trick (setting it to false): http://rifers.org/docs/api/com/uwyn/rife/site/ ConstrainedProperty.html#displayedRaw(boolean)

On 19 May 2007, at 21:49, Eskil Lauritsen wrote:

Hi, Eddy

Yes, I just found this out as I tried changing rich text editor.

This is not good for our use and parsing would be a hassle. Is there
any way of easily turning off the character encoding especially for <
and > for just this one textarea?

Eskil Lauritsen

On 5/19/07, Eddy Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 19 May 2007, at 20:29, Eskil Lauritsen wrote:

> Just a little addendum: < and > are being translated to &lt; &gt;
> characters which totally breaks html code sent via the form.

RIFE character-encodes input, which is what 99% of use-cases expect,

Try converting the characters back before they are sent to TinyMCE.

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