Hi Randy,

On 15/04/2018 16:56, Randy Bush wrote:
> i have a probe, 2283, which has unplugged from its old home and is in
> suspended animation in a suitcase until it reaches its new home in a
> month or two.
> the location map will not let me pur it in the middle of the pacific.
> and i can not see how to mark it as dormant/down.  clue bat please.

There's nothing you have to do when a probe is down; it is automatically
marked as disconnected almost immediately, and if it isn't plugged back
in  then it is marked as "abandoned" after 90 days and "written off"
after 180 days (both of which are reversible states, so don't worry too

We have generally tried to move away from using remote areas to signify
particular probe statuses as it confuses various visualisations. Feel
free to leave the location as it is, or use the location of the
suitcase, or whatever else you feel to be appropriate.

If you are concerned about being auto-nagged about the probe being
disconnected, we get that and there is an upcoming feature that will
enable you to switch off notifications for a particular probe when you
know that it will be disconnected for a while.

Finally, if you really feel like it then you're free to edit either the
probe description or the tags to signify whatever you like, so you could
make a note for your own purposes or for anybody who's curious.

Chris Amin

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