hi chris,

>> i have a probe, 2283, which has unplugged from its old home and is in
>> suspended animation in a suitcase until it reaches its new home in a
>> month or two.
> There's nothing you have to do when a probe is down; it is automatically
> marked as disconnected almost immediately, and if it isn't plugged back
> in  then it is marked as "abandoned" after 90 days and "written off"
> after 180 days (both of which are reversible states, so don't worry too
> much).


>> the location map will not let me pur it in the middle of the pacific.
>> and i can not see how to mark it as dormant/down.  clue bat please.
> We have generally tried to move away from using remote areas to signify
> particular probe statuses as it confuses various visualisations.

but the probe IS in the middle of the pacific, on this ship.


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