emalvick wrote: 
> Use "Composer Sort" tags much like you would use "Artist Sort", at least
> for the file(s) that are causing you problems.  I forgot that there can
> be cross-over issues with names and sort fields; I think it's because
> LMS can (and may be set in your case) to blend Composers and Artists
> into one menu when browsing by Artist.  I don't include Composers in
> that menu, but I think the indexing and sorting could still be affected.
> Regardless, a "Composer Sort" tag can fix things (or ruin things if it
> is not set right).  Usually adding a or tag or removing one that is
> fowling things up will solve things. Occasionally, I have to wipe and
> rescan the database when these issues occur.

I do think 'moving' that tag information is going to be my shortest
distance between two points. There is no 'perfect', I think, when it
comes to tagging. Having a boatload of live stuff doesn't help either...

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