Have a look and see if your import has finished before rdairplay starts
to play the file.  I've run into something similar.  If I'm downloading
a file via FTP and importing it, and the file starts playing before the
import is finished - it'll play the "old" audio (since the new audio
isn't there yet).  As the import finishes the audio / markers / etc - is
all updated in rdlibrary, so the next time the audio plays you'll get
the new audio.

It could be something along these lines.

> Hi All,
> I've been having an odd issue recently on our 2 machine setup.
> The background info: Station 2, which is a Rivendell network client
> machine, plays a morning show that we get from internet delivered
> syndication.  There are 4 segments per hour that get automatically placed
> into a Rivendell dropbox as the files are recorded/sent from the network
> studios.  We effectively delay the show 1 hour behind live by having our
> Rivendell play the FTP version rather than the live satellite version.
> The problem I'm having is sometimes the audio from the previous day plays,
> even though it's been imported via a dropbox instance on the server.  The
> database is correct as the cue marks, title, end dates and all other
> metadata is updated, but the old audio plays out.
> This does not happen on the same cut day to day, nor does it always
> happen.  Some days work perfectly, others are a lot glitchier.
> My short-term solution is deleting all the show carts each day and then let
> dropbox create new carts the next morning. That has worked without any
> noticeable issues. But on days where I forget to delete the cuts, the
> problem pops up.
> The network client mounts the /var/snd via fstab on startup. Is there a
> possibility that the file is persisting in a local cache on the client
> machine and not reading the newly imported version from the server?
> I'm running CentOS 6.8,v2.15.1, installed from and then upgraded Paravel
> Appliance if that helps.
> Thanks
> Brad<hr>_______________________________________________
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