Why is it that;

wget --post-data 'user=_/username/_&password=_/password/_' http://www.xyz.org/downloads/Current.mp3

does exactly what you think it should do in OS X but gets an error message back from the web server and stores it in WCL_Current.mp3 instead of the audio when executed in a Rivendell (Broadcast Appliance) terminal

Using the Firefox browser on the same Rivendell machine and filling in the username and password in the pop-up then right-click and save always works.

It seems to be the same kind of broken that happens with RDCatch with this same download. Then when RDCatch tries to import it into a cart it complains about it not being a valid audio file <doh!>. Trying to work around broken RDCatch but maybe it's not RDCatch but a system call that's broken.


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