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Bill Putney <bi...@wwpc.com> wrote:

> wget --post-data 'user=_/username/_&password=_/password/_' 
> http://www.xyz.org/downloads/Current.mp3
> does exactly what you think it should do in OS X but gets an error 
> message back from the web server and stores it in WCL_Current.mp3 
> instead of the audio when executed in a Rivendell (Broadcast Appliance) 
> terminal
> window?

 Most likely because "what you think it should do" is based entirely on
 your familiarity with OS X, and not so much on the other variants.

 I'll not argue one is right and one is wrong, because they are
 just different. Such is the nature of ported stuff.
 Apple changed some things when they adapted it from Linux.


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