I was looking into the same subject
We want to be able to see the log on a web Page So we can View whats running or will run. or what ran.
 anyone have any suggestions.

Also we want to know if anyone has a solution to look at logs and make corrections. We have been going in to he LOG Edit feature but its is not accurate most of the time do any on have any suggestions so we can look at the logs and check times without loading it in Air play.

On 2018-03-06 07:49, Todd Baker wrote:
Hi Rich,

Yes, there is some documentation about using the web interface.  Look
in the docs folder,
in my setup it is under rivendell/docs/apis/.

The web files are there (xml,pdf, and html).  It is a summary of all
the calls and what they return.
Sometimes the api's return a different code then listed there,  but a
404 generally means you sent something
wrong or you don't have permission to do that etc... You can look in
the actual code if you want to try to
glean what happened exactly. 404 is kind of a catch all returned for
more than one problem.

If you are trying to add a cart for example make sure that the user
you put in has permission to add
carts, and the password is correct, etc.

I have used this interface extensively, I wrote a whole C API that
talks to it to add carts, list carts,
update carts etc...

Hope this helps,

Todd Baker
Radio Free Asia, Washington D.C.

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Hello all...

I was wondering if there was a guide to using the webpages in the
rd-bin folder?

I was trying to test it out by adding a cart but I keep getting a 404
error back. I was thinking this kind of interface might be easier then
trying to screen share over a VPN.

Any using the webpage interface?

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