A client of mine wants to *exclude* certain music scheduler codes from airing 
during a certain daypart.

Instead of setting the Daypart on every selected Cut for their entire library, 
has there been any thought to creating/setting a logical "NOT" flag for the 
"Must Have Code" logic that currently allows a logical "AND" -- but not a "NOT"?

The goal is to assign a chunk of their music library a scheduler code that 
would prevent it from airing overnights (i.e., they want slower-tempo songs 
only during nighttime).  I don't see a way of doing this in the Scheduler 
option in the current rev of RD.

If adding the "NOT" option isn't practical, are there any other ways of 
accomplishing this without burning up the one single Daypart field for the Cut?

(They're coming from an automation system that allows hour-by-hour selection of 
valid air times, with the practical effect that they can achieve multiple valid 
"dayparts" for each given day.)

Sherrod Munday

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