Dear Rivetters

it's time to congratulate with Georgios Petasis who, after almost a week spent working hard (also at night as I can witness since we were real time connected through Skype) completed the cmake build system for rivet and got the very first rivet module working on Apache 2.4.27 for Windows for both the 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. Georgios spent also valuable time of his assisting and eventually getting right my (as usual) clumsy attempts to have a windows development environment for myself. Kudos to George.

The windows port is located in branches/cmake. In


a concise guide for building your mod_rivet using cmake for both Unix and Windows.

The design based on the loadable bridge modules proved to be a viable solution. The worker bridge needed minor structural changes to work also for Windows. The lazy bridge hasn't been tested yet. The design gave some problem initially that turned out to be related to differences between OS, namely to more rigid rules Windows has when reading loadable modules. The overall changes we did to the source code had limited structural impact and I think they resulted in better code also for Unix.

The branch will be kept open but I don't see problems in merging it back to trunk in a near future, before Rivet 3.0 is released

 -- Massimo

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