Just a quick survey among those using the Ubuntu PPAs: So far we've been
keeping separate daily builds for KDE4 and KF5, in separate PPAs on
launchpad. As there has not been a KF5-based release, yet, we only have
"KDE4" PPAs on launchpad for "official stable releases".

Question: Where should our RKWard 0.7.0 Ubuntu builds go?

a) Right into the existing "Official stable releases" PPA. Advantage is
that existing users of RKWard 0.6.5 via PPA will get the update,
automatically. Disadvantage is that we will get into a mess should
there be a need to release any KDE4-based bugfix releases. The PPAs
also have "KDE4" in their description, but I added that only two or
three weeks ago, so probably nobody has noted.
b) Into newly created PPAs specfically for KF5.


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