Let's check some basics first, so we know what setup we are talking about. 
Here are my current assumptions on what you are doing. Please let me know, if 
any of these are incorrect:

- You are starting from an "emerge" tree of KDE 4.10.2. Probably the snapshot 
we provide at 
- You have done "emerge --update rkward", successfully.

In essence, you don't need anything else for using rkward. Running 
"make_release.bat" is for creating an _installer_ for RKWard, and not needed 
for end users.

In either case, I have done some work on the windows version during the past 
few days, fixing some issues, so you should try again with
  emerge --update rkward
If that produces an error (check %KDEROOT%\buildlogs!), do
  emerge unmerge rkward
  rmdir /s %KDEROOT%\build\kdeapps\rkward-20121211
  emerge rkward

(The make_release.bat script was also updated, in case you really need it).

On Thursday 18 September 2014 16:13:30 白杨 wrote:
> (2)This is the second question in the following.
> When I run the RKWard,there are such error.


> How I may run this program? Thank you for your help for me.

Always start using rkward.exe, _in the installed version_ (not inside the 
build tree). I.e. %KDEROOT%\bin\rkward.exe .

*If problems persist*, start as 
  rkward.exe --debug-level 5
in order to gather debugging diagnostics. I can't ever remember where exactly 
to find the generated log files on the various flavours of Windows. Search 
your user directory for files name rkward.frontend.* and rkward.rbackend.*, 
zip up and post the latest pair of these two files.


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