I'm keeping rkward-devel in CC. Others may be interested in compiling on 
Windows (and the associated pitfalls) as well.

On Friday 19 September 2014 17:08:19 you wrote:
> 1. Are you _really_ sure you want to compile RKWard from source, or do you
> simply want to _use_ RKWard on Windows?
> Yes,I want to compile RKWard from source.


> 2. In your latest attempt, have you succeeded in compiling RKWard (following
> my instructions in the previous mail)?
> 2b. If not, what's the error message this time around?
> Yes, I have succeeded in compiling RKWard without any error, but some
> warings.

> 3. What exactly is the rkward.exe you are running? Where is it located, how
> did you install it (if compilation did not succeed), what messages does it
> show when running with "rkward.exe --debug-level 5"?
> The rkward.exe is the icon on the desktop, and it located in
> D:\kderoot\k\bin\rkward.bat. I do not understand how to running with 
> "rkward.exe --debug-level 5". Is it in cmd commond.

Ok, we're getting closer to the issue.

1. Make sure your newly compiled rkward was really installed:
  cd %KDEROOT%\build\kdeapps\rkward-20121211\work\mingw4...\
(replace the dots as appropriate, of course)
  mingw32-make install
(usually emerge should have done that, but it kind of looks like emerge got 
confused somewhere along the way).
Double-check the file modification time of D:\kderoot\k\bin\rkward.exe and 
rkward.frontend.exe to make sure they are really the files you compiled, not 
some older version.
2. Remove D:\kderoot\k\bin\rkward.bat . This is a leftover of a previous 
installed version of rkward. The current version does not include this. This 
should have been removed by "emerge --unmerge rkward". I'm not sure, why it's 
still there.
3. Remove the desktop icon, too. You can re-create it, when all other causes 
of trouble are ruled out.
4. Open a console, and do
  cd D:\kderoot\k\bin
(optionally "rkward.exe --debug-level 5", if problems persist).

If all this works, you can create a shortcut to D:\kderoot\k\bin\rkward.exe on 
your Desktop.

> 4. Sorry, if I haven't been clear enough: I'm looking for log files from
> your latest run, not parts of your build tree. One is going to be called
> rkward.frontend.XYZ, another is going to be called rkward.rbackend.XYZ.
> These are exactly _two_ text files in the same directory, somewhere in your
> Documents and Settings folder inside your home directory. They will have a
> timestamp corresponding to the time you tried to run, not compile rkward.
> I have ziped up all the files and email you.
> Thank you for you help again.

Well, only in case problems persist: No, I do not need your build tree, or any 
other complete folder. I need *two text files* located somewhere in the 
Documents and Settings folder inside your home directory, *outside* your build 


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