On Thursday 16 October 2014 10:25:50 Aaron Batty wrote:
> Hey guys, I've been meaning to let you know about this for months, but I
> kept forgetting.
> On OSX, there is a problem launching what I'm pretty sure is a part of
> KDE.  These two messages loop all day every day in the log forever on all
> of my Macs with RKWard on them.

Meik was the one to troubleshoot this back then, so he may be able to comment, 
better. Anyway, some first diagnostics, and questions:

1. Totally ignorant question: Where would I find those logs?
2. Question: Only while RKWard is running, or all the time?
3. /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.freedesktop.dbus-system.plist really just fires 
  /opt/rkward/bin/dbus-daemon --system --nofork
4. Trying to run that, as a regular user, manually gives:
  Failed to start message bus: Failed to bind socket 
"/opt/rkward/var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket": Permission denied
5. The directory in question is owned by user "messagebus", so surely this 
won't work.
6. Checking ps ax | grep "dbus" reveals that a dbus-daemon is running, though, 
with user messagebus. I _guess_ this was started by
  sudo launchctl -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.freedesktop.dbus-system.plist
Question: Did you run this, or a similar command on the Macs where RKWard is 
installed? Our troubleshooting instructions mention that this _might_ be 
needed, but no idea, whether that is the "normal" case.
Question: Do you see a dbus-daemon process in your process list?
7. On startup, RKWard itself calls
  launchclt -w /opt/rkward/Library/LaunchAgents/org.freedesktop.dbus-
8. I suppose this connects to the system dbus-daemon.

Well, in essence, this looks to me like something is trying to load 
/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.freedesktop.dbus-system.plist as a regular user. 
This tries starting up the daemon, fails, tries again...
The daemon is probably already running with the correct permissions, and this 
is why everything is still working.

Perhaps checking
  launchctl list
reveals anything helpful?


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