Am Montag, 27. Oktober 2014, 13:11:40 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> please take a look at
>   http://rkward.sourceforge.net/temp/rkward__analysis.pot

so, is that basically the desired format we'd like to have for external 
plugins as well? i could start something like rk.i18n.scan(), then. apart from 
the .pot file and the new arguments to XML elements, what parts else will need 

not entirely sure how to do it yet. but things will fall in place.

> 2) The framework for plugin translations allows us to split translations
> into pretty much as many message catalogs as we like. For external plugins,
> this will always have to be small catalogs, covering only the plugin(s) in
> the package.

yes, that would be my guess. from an rkwarddev perspective, the best way would 
be to split by .pluginmap here.

> - In some - rare - cases, you may want to exclude a label from translation.
> In this case, write <option value="mood" no18n_label="Mood">, if that is to
> signify Mood's two sample test, for instance, rather than the state of
> mind. Note the no18n_label="XYZ", instead of label="XYZ".

so "label" is omitted when "no18n_" is used? is it "no18n_" or "noi18n_"?

i'm thinking about the best way to get the new arguments into the rkwarddev 
functions; i think the relevant functions will get a new "i18n" argument, 
which takes a list with named elements "context" and "comment", and if it is 
simply set to FALSE, "label" will be set to "no18n_label" or "noi18n_label", 
whatever it is.

> (*) Meik: I can see you worrying about installing translations for external
> plugins. No need to worry too much: Plugin translations are installed to a
> path relative to the other plugin files. So they can simply be packed into
> the inst-directory.

will we keep using the folder structure introduced to get my first clumsy 
approach going (i.e., the "po" directory)?

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