On Friday 28 November 2014 01:07:40 meik michalke wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 27. November 2014, 19:43:58 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > On Thursday 27 November 2014 15:44:45 m. eik michalke wrote:
> > > A  +12   -0    rkward/r.xml
> > > A  +13   -0    rkward/rdata.xml
> > 
> > these work nicely for me. However, I think they should be merged into one
> > mime file, and that should be called rkward.xml . So there's no
> > significant
> > risk that this could clash (now or later) with (R-) mime types declared
> > from other sides.
> are you sure?

no. Except perhaps no the part about shipping both mime-types in one file.

> i mean, these file types are not really RKWard files, but
> ordinary R files, so i'd say their MIME type can only be R or R data,
> respectively. the connection between these MIME types and applications is
> defined in *.desktop files instead,

Ah, in fact I had missed that part. Sounds more sane, now that I understand 

> where one MIME type can have multiple
> associations. i'd find it a bit confusing if there were such pseudo-MIME
> types like, say, firefox.xml, chrome.xml and rekonq.xml, all for *.html
> files.
> of course it would be better to have these global MIME types rather defined
> by either R or KDE itself, so RKWard can just assume they're there. but
> from what i found on the net, this has not been accomplished for many many
> years. there still doesn't seem to be any package defining a MIME type for
> R files yet, at least in the realm of ubuntu and CRAN packages.

So probably the cleanest solution would be having them added to R... Oh well.

I'm still somewhat worried about future clashes. _If_ R ever decides to start 
shipping these mime-types, RKWard is going to get the blame for conflicting 
names, I'm afraid. That's why my first thought was naming it rkward.xml 
(similar to libreoffice.xml, which also declares .xls, for instance). But no, 
I'm not sure.

> btw. there's some other issues: RKWard doesn't recognise *.rda files yet;

Ok, will add.

> and if you click on an *.RData file, you're asked *once* whether the
> workspace should be saved -- after that, the current worspace is just
> silently replaced with the content of any other RData file you click.

I changed that a bit, and yes, it might be buggy, but I think you should find, 
the behavior is now:
- If a workspace has just been loaded, and not been touched, don't ask whether 
to save it before quitting / replacing it.
- If you touch some object in between, you should be prompted, again.
- Now as to why you're prompted for the initial - probably empty - workspace: 
It's that .Random.seed that gets created some time in the middle of starting 
up. Did not think up a nice way to cope with that, yet.

> single objects can't be added to the workspace this way either. there
> should probably be two methods for handling *.RData files: complete
> workspace or individual R objects,


> and you should always be asked before
> your workspace is wiped.



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