Am Freitag, 28. November 2014, 08:04:57 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> On Friday 28 November 2014 01:07:40 meik michalke wrote:
> > are you sure?
> no. Except perhaps no the part about shipping both mime-types in one file.

good point -- i did that, and i also renamed the file to vnd.rkward.r.xml, 
which makes it a vendor-specific MIME type declaration. that makes it possible 
for us to define that MIME type without colliding with other packages doing 
the same. the original XML file is now being installed to 
/usr/share/mime/packages, but XDG does also automatically generate 
/usr/share/mime/text/r.xml and /usr/share/mime/application/rdata.xml from it. 
in effect it's the same result.

> I'm still somewhat worried about future clashes. _If_ R ever decides to
> start shipping these mime-types, RKWard is going to get the blame for
> conflicting names, I'm afraid.

i hope this is solved for good now. the hint to libreoffice.xml was useful and 
led me to the vnd.* files.

i'll try and test if this and the protocol handler also works on OS X. can you 
check that on windows?

> > and if you click on an *.RData file, you're asked *once* whether the
> > workspace should be saved -- after that, the current worspace is just
> > silently replaced with the content of any other RData file you click.
> I changed that a bit, and yes, it might be buggy, but I think you should
> find, the behavior is now:
> - If a workspace has just been loaded, and not been touched, don't ask
> whether to save it before quitting / replacing it.
> - If you touch some object in between, you should be prompted, again.

right, i missed that part -- i was just baffled that rkward switched from one 
workspace to another without asking, and i was wondering what that would do to 
one's data if you accidentally clicked on a *.RData file... but that's a good 
solution now.

> - Now as to why you're prompted for the initial - probably empty -
> workspace: It's that .Random.seed that gets created some time in the middle
> of starting up. Did not think up a nice way to cope with that, yet.

actually, that is something that has always annoyed me a bit: i start RKWard 
and want to *open* a previous workspace, but the first thing i get is a 
question whether to *save* the workspace. good thing if that was gone.

do we have to care for that single .Random.seed object when one wants to open 
another workspace anyway?

> > single objects can't be added to the workspace this way either. there
> > should probably be two methods for handling *.RData files: complete
> > workspace or individual R objects,
> True.

KDE knows this as service menus, i can try to write an according *.desktop 
file as well. then you'd have to actively open the file via right click. that 
would need another option for the rkward binary.

alternatively, RKWard could ask you how to deal with the input: replace 
current workspace or add all objects to the current one. do you know whether 
there's a difference between *.RData files containing saved workspaces and 
saved R objects? if there was, we could add a <magic> section to the MIME 
type, which would cause the first bits of a file to be read to get its type.

> > and you should always be asked before
> > your workspace is wiped.
> Really?

no, its fine as it is (except maybe for the initial workspace).

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  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
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