On Saturday 29 November 2014 15:07:39 Mohammad Abbas wrote:
> Installing the latest version of RKWard seems to start with an error. I
> have a screen shot of the message and hope you can help to resolve it.

I'll try. Some questions:
1) Did you install using the "custom installer" (install_rkward_0.6.2.exe) or 
the "installation bundle" (RKWard_O.6.2_KDE_4.10.2_R_3.1.1.exe)?

2) Does RKWard start in spite of these messages, or is this the last thing you 
see happening?

3) Which version of Windows?

4) Please open a command prompt, cd to your installation of rkward, and type
  KDE\bin\rkward.exe --debug-level 4
This should give a bit more output during startup, to help diagnose what 
exactly is going wrong.


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