On Saturday 29 November 2014 19:11:08 Mohammad Abbas wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for getting back to me.

same, here. No need to withdraw your posts to the list. We use moderation for 
non-subscribers to weed out SPAM-posts, not to actually limit anything.

> In response to your questions
> 1) I installed RKWard using the (RKWard_O.6.2_KDE_4.10.2_R_3.1.1.exe)?
> 2) RKWard Starts after the DOS window show the error message. However,
> when accessing other R libraries such as Rcmdr and rattle they tend to
> crash or "freeze up".

Ok, I can see that part, too. This should now be fixed in our development 
version. As a workaround, until we can release a fixed version:
- avoid using other graphical packages in combination with RKWard, or, if that 
is unavoidable:
- before using any functionality of these packages, make sure, something is 
running inside RKWard's R Console. This could simply be:
   Sys.sleep (30000)
This will block most actions in RKWard, but you can simply unblock by 

> I will run the code you given me and I will e-mail you.

This will still be of interest, as it is an entirely unrelated problem.


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