On Monday 01 December 2014 12:14:19 meik michalke wrote:
> > Assorted comments:
> > - Why is the "append" option controlled by the predefined format?
> you just wrote it yourself:
> > "append, col.names, sep, dec and qmethod cannot be altered."
>   ^^^^^^^^
> ;-)

yes, it occurred to me a few minutes after sending the mail...
> that option and the column names are the deactivated settings i was
> referring to, for write.csv() and write.csv2(). they are not all on the
> same tab

Yes. I see that now. And for the "append" option that is particularly 
unfortunate (but changing the default to "custom" does not help at that point, 
either; quite the contrary: If you first check "append" on the first tab, then 
select "CSV" on the second tab, you may be in for a nasty surprise!).

Have you tried moving all format options to the first tab? Perhaps moving 
encoding to a less prominent place?

> sure, this is only an idea. but let me explain how it came to this: firstly,
> i was thinking about people who want to learn R;

Yes, neither alternative is clearly superior to the other. But on the other 
side of the coin, listing all these parameters makes it harder to see just 
what you changed from the default.
Besides, this still does not explain what other values are permissible for 
each argument. Particularly for parameters with non-obvious semantics, such as 
col.names (and I don't think anyone would guess the correct meaning of 
col.names=NA without consulting the documentation).


> the R code currently also includes all defaults.

Except for "quote".

> having something to embed would be great, but i still didn't really get how
> to write an embeddable plugin ;-)

Simple: Just like any standalone plugin (including a <dialog>).

The additional thing to worry about is "passing information" between embedded 
and embedding plugin. The standard ways are:
1) Providing <external>-properties in the embedded plugin.
2) Generating code the usual way. The embedding plugin can retrieve that using
  getString ("embedded_id.code.calculate");

Oh, one more thing:
- The export plugin's .js code still lacks appropriate i18n()-calls. Consider 
utilizing the new Header()-functionality to make that easier 


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