On Sunday 07 December 2014 09:30:40 Yuri Chornoivan wrote:
> 1. Due to Gettext implementation, all translations with i18n_context
> cannot be loaded. Maybe it is worth to remove the context as it adds
> nothing to the translator interpretation of the messages. Examples:
> "Moments" submenu in the "Analysis" menu with context "Statistics",
> "against (optional)" in Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney tests window.

should be fixed, now. The code was simply trying to look up the message with 
the wrong context ("i18n_context", instead of the value of the attribute).

I'm glad to know that the context is generally not needed (as most plugins 
don't provide any context for any of their strings at all), but I think it 
will still be good to have the feature available for those cases, where there 
are real ambiguities.
> 2. id's of <radio> tags translations cannot be loaded. Example: "using
> test hypothesis" in Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney tests window.

Fixed, too. Simply a missing i18n-lookup. Just let me know, if you come across 
any further issues of this kind.


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