This is to let you know that mailing lists on SF.net are apparently
suffering from silent loss of some mails since approximately one week.
I know of at least one post that is missing from rkward-devel, but
there is no way of telling how many messages got lost. Other projects
are affected, too.

If you have recently posted to rkward-devel or rkward-users, please
check the list archives to make sure your mail arrived. If it did not,
consider re-posting. Links to the list archives:


In somewhat related news, our lists will migrate to kde.org, shortly.
I'll let you know the details, then. In most cases no action will be
needed on our part. Given the timing of these two events I just want
to point out that the upcoming migration is neither a cause, nor a
consequence of the mail loss - although this new issue, and the
disturbing lack of support response from SF.net is certainly another
reason not to regret the move...


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