We have setup robinhood v3 on RHEL 7.2 with lustre 2.5.

We modified "/etc/robinhood.d/lfs04.conf", added fileclass as following:

fileclass big_file {
    definition { type == file
             and size >= 100GB
             and size <= 1TB }

However did not show in output of "rbh-report --classinfo":

-bash-4.2# rbh-report -f lfs04 --classinfo
Using config file '/etc/robinhood.d/lfs04.conf'.
                     fileclass,      count,     volume,   spc_used,   min_size, 
  max_size,   avg_size
                        [none],     136234,   52.81 TB,   52.53 TB,          6, 
   4.23 TB,  406.48 MB
                    empty_file,      13669,          0,    6.27 MB,          0, 
         0,          0
                    small_file,     292485,  177.64 GB,  182.68 GB,          1, 
   9.99 MB,  636.84 KB

Total: 442388 entries, volume: 58257113467030 bytes (52.98 TB), space used: 
57953185923072 bytes (52.71 TB)

We have restarted robinhood and mariadb daemons, new fileclass did not show.

Could you kindly give some clue?

Bruce Chen
System Planning Dept.
System Technology & Management Div.
Acer Cybercenter Service Inc.

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