In principle, the main difference between trajectory following and
waypoint navigation is that the former can use the shape of the
trajectory (i.e. curvature) to control the vehicle in better way than
the latter.

In practice, both components are old, and have not seen much work
since the Asguard days, so YMMV. Moreover, at 10cm/s and with a
vehicle that has precise control (your case), it is very well possible
that a simple waypoint navigation component would do the trick just


On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 11:10 AM,  <> wrote:
> Hello there (again),
> I also want to ask about another component that I just realised is available
> as well called waypoint_navigation which seems to have a much simpler data
> type for the trajectory (a vector of waypoints). I am wondering now if using
> waypoint_navigation component might be a better (at least more simple)
> solution for my problem here. Does anybody know what are the main
> differences in behaviour of these two components? Any advantages on using
> the Spline data type and the trajectory follower controller compared to
> waypoint navigation controller? Looking at the code of both seems like the
> trajectory_follower uses a PI/PID type of set of controllers while the
> waypoint navigation does not require setting of any PID gains.
> FYI: I have a six wheeled rover, with front and rear steering (no middle
> wheels steering) with limited max steering angle, but capable of spot
> turning which I plan to traverse along an uneven planetary simulate terrain
> at relative slow speeds (in the 5-10cm/s range).
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