===========Call for Contributions to

Human Choice and Computers (HCC10)
International Conference

Thursday-Friday 27th-28th September 2012,
the Netherlands
ICT Critical Infrastructures and Society

Dear colleague!

On behalf of the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) working group "Virtuality and Society" in the technical committee "Relationship between Computers and Society" we would like to raise your interest in contrubuting to the above mentioned conference. It is being held at the occasion of the 22nd World Computer Congress 24th to 26th of September 2012 in Amsterdam.

The issues we would like you to get involved in are the following:

Social Media Implications

- Social media and free speech: what does the Arabellion teach about the politics of social media?

The uprise of the arabian people during the so called Arabellion on the one hand was possible in its particular way only by widespread use of social media, but on the other hand simultaniously surveilled by the governments under pressure by the very same social media platforms. What are lessons to be learned from this paradoxical situation? How does the landscape of social media looks like in various countries? Are there platforms to rely on?

- Corporate surveillance

What are the logic and methods used by companies to monitor employees' use of social media, and the reactions from employees who try to preserve their private spaces? What are the ledal apects of such a surveillance?

- Privacy and security: What we do not know

Platforms like Facebook change their privacy rights very often, exposing people to the public gaze, when they did not wish that; the data available online may be used by criminals, and people are not aware of their risks; we need to have more discussion on the ethics of using social media to extract data from people, and the risks to which companies expose users, without having any liability.

We encourage you personally to think about a contribution to these issues and to disseminate the call to anybody you think of as being knowledgable and willing to participate.

Contributors accepted to present papers and participate in HCC10 are expected to prepare an

initial paper draft by 28th February 2012.

This draft paper will receive feedback from the HCC10 panel of experts, and requests for improvements will be sent by 30th March 2012. A final version of the paper should be returned to HCC10 organisers by 30th April 2012. Papers should have between 3,000 and 5,000 words maximum (including references). All articles will be published in the HCC10 conference proceedings (to be published by Springer). In addition, the HCC10 conference organisers are negotiating with reputable journals the elaboration of a special issue on the topic of ICT Critical Infrastructures and Society. The contributors of the best HCC10 papers will in turn be invited to submit papers to this special issue.

Since the IFIP is a non profit organisation, presenters and attendees are to pay themselves the HCC10 fees and all personal expenses related to participating in the event. HCC10 and its organisers cannot offer scholarships or supportive funding for the conference. Only participants who are able to fund their own participation can be accepted. More details on HCC10 fees and the location of the event will follow in the coming weeks.

Please mail your suggested contribution (title, type of contribution, abstract of one or two paragraphs length) until

February 28th 2012

and suggestions on colleagues to be contacted as soon as possible



Martin Warnke, Leuphana University Lueneburg
David Kreps, University of Salford
Claus Pias,  Leuphana University Lueneburg

for the working group "Virtuality and Society" in IFIP

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