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> King InuYasha wrote:
>> Ok, a little more confused now. You said that the idea that Wine code is
>> better than ReactOS code needs to die, but you turn around and basically
>> state that Wine code IS better than ReactOS code. Did you mean that the
>> idea that ReactOS code is better than Wine code?
> I did

There are many different views on 'better'

There can be:

a is a more technically correct design than b
b is more compatible than a
b is easier to read than a
a is written lang $foo while b is written in lang $bar

I am sure we could go on... Needless to say I don't believe using
wineserver in win32k is more 'correct' for ReactOS's goals. If our
goal is to be fully compatible with Windows its a (general relatively)
short term short solution to the end user problems but not to the
overall design goal.

The correct thing it would seem is IF and this is a big IF, it does
prove to function better than our existing win32k/user32/gdi32 then to
use it and quickly move one piece of our existing win32k.sys and
friends back in at a time to isolate and fix problems while keeping
the same level of compatibly and not allowing regressions in wine
tests and applications. Also it would be nice to carry forward the new
feature we gain which is the remote X display support.

If it gets more people to use ReactOS and brings in more users and
developers there is a case for being pragmatic.

Steven Edwards

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and
that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo
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