You can change one config entry and you can forget about merging strategy:

|git config --globalpull.rebase true |

||You just have to force everyone to using it. Then simple git pull
automatically rebases. We use it in work for all projects and history is

W dniu 16.02.2017 o 09:37, Colin Finck pisze:
> Am 16.02.2017 um 03:45 schrieb Zachary Gorden:
>> I've used both git and svn in work environments. If all you do is git
>> pull and git push, you end up with lots of noise in the commit log with
>> git tracking every single merge because you don't rebase.
> To give a picture of what he is talking about:
>   (random example repo on GitHub)
> You see how parallel streams of history emerge with every new committer
> when just using git commit, git pull and git push. Commits in the list
> are not even in chronological order anymore.
> Now what is the least painful way to avoid these automatic merges?
> We don't want to make life harder for any Git user..
> - Colin
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