Hi all!

Good news! I've just migrated the last of our existing services,
Doxygen, to a new server that is a lot faster and more reliable.

But I also had a look at the often criticized search feature and enabled
the alternative EXTERNAL_SEARCH in the Doxyfile and on the server. This
doubled the runtime for Doxygen due to the additional indexing, but the
result is well worth the effort!

A simple search for a universal function like "Sleep" now instantly
yields all results, but with the definition in "winbase.h" and the
declaration in "kernel32/client/synch.c" at the very top! Results are
also a lot more readable and distributed over multiple pages.
Just try it yourself:


Hope you'll like it as much as I do! :)
We can now start tweaking the extra settings, e.g. whether we need
"Referenced by" and other information.

ReactOS is already known to many due to our Doxygen popping up whenever
they google a Windows API. This step should improve the usefulness of
our documentation even further and turn the ReactOS codebase into *the*
public reference about Windows internals again!
I hope it also motivates you to take care of Doxygen-compatible comments
during your coding :)



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