What about that discussion about why we have ditched out MSVC 2010 support
(starting to depend on that fact, and thus, breaking any possibility of
self-hosting ROS building on ROS using MSVC compiler (without the IDE),
since later versions of MSVC only work on Vista+, and as an indirect
consequence, too, opening the can of worms, that is, being able to
"pollute", involuntarily or not, the ReactOS core code (kernel + drivers)
with C99+ non-standard portable code -- ),
and without having first warned heavily through all the mailing lists etc. ,
thus allowing the developers to voice their concerns publicly in the MLs ?
This was done around in mattermost only, after we decided for some reason
that we wouldn't need the VC2010 buildbots anymore.


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Hi all,

With several people asking for a status meeting, let's have another one 
before the year is over.
Let me invite you to the meeting on

       Thursday, 26th November 2020
       19:00 UTC
       Mattermost private channel "Meeting"

So far, there is only one point on the agenda:

* Achievements and Future Outlook (everyone)
What have you been working on and what are your plans?

Please submit further agenda proposals by answering to this mail.

Looking forward to see you!


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