Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your fast answer. I now got WinDRBD running without networking
support (which is just a proof of concept, DRBD is a network storage replication
driver) but at least the driver loads and does something.

I couldn't find a way to create paritions on an empty disk, I tried diskpart 
but it
failed to create the partition (there is no partition table on the disk yet). 
What is
the ReactOS way to create paritions (I also tried fdisk but it didn't exist)?

Best regards,

- Johannes

Am 01.03.22 um 02:25 schrieb Thomas Faber:
Hi Johannes,

ReactOS does not currently support WSK, nor is any work on it in progress or 
Our network stack is unfortunately unstable enough even with just TDI,
so any efforts in networking typically go towards stabilization.

TDI itself is supported, so if you were to work on a library that implements 
the WSK interface on top of TDI, you might have a chance of it working. 
However, the kernel-mode interface is not particularly well tested, as AFD 
(which implements user mode sockets) is currently the only consumer. So even if 
you get it to work in Windows Server 2003, you're likely to encounter bugs in 
We'd of course be happy to get any reports of bugs you run into.


On 2022-02-28 15:05, johan...@johannesthoma.com wrote:
Dear ReactOS developers,

I am working on WinDRBD (https://github.com/LINBIT/windrbd), which is a
port of the Linux DRBD 9 driver to the Windows family of operating systems.
Technically it is a compatibility layer for the Linux kernel functions that DRBD

I am currently researching if WinDRBD can be ported to Windows Server 2003
and also to ReactOS and found that the networking API we are using (WinSocket)
is only supported by Windows Vista (0x600) and up. Porting WinDRBD to ReactOS
would require using the TDI interface instead (everything else "should" work,
however I couldn't test it because it does not load currently into ReactOS).

My question is is there any ongoing effort to implement a WinSocket API?
If yes what is the status of this implementation?

Thanks for any insights,

Best regards,

- Johannes
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