On 30 Jan 2007 at 17:00, John Siracusa wrote:

> id is in $session, which the form knows nothing about.  But in most
> web app frameworks, there's usually some way to get at "globally
> applicable" data like the session, in which case it's reasonable for
> customer_from_form() to return you an object that's completely ready
> to be save()d, without any fiddling, and, ideally, without need for an
> explicit update => ... argument.

This is a question I have for some time now: How to get your framework object 
into the depth of 
all the RDBO and RHTMLO objects (DB table/manager, HTML forms, special fields). 
I use 
CGI::Application as my framework and Template Toolkit as my templating engine 
and it is so 
helpful to have the CGI::Application object within the template as 'c'. So I 
can just say 
c.session.param('something'). Thanks Cees!
Are there any similar solutions out there for the Rose family of Objects? E.g. 
I need something to 
list the dates of the currently logged in user. At the moment I have to 
explicitely pass the 
CGI::Application object (or the id of the user). It would be so helpful if it 
was already there 


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