On 31 Jan 2007 at 8:52, John Siracusa wrote:

> I don't use CGI::Application, so maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works,
> but how about a class method that returns the current CGI::Application
> object?  e.g., MyWebSite->current_app().  You'd set it at the beginning of
> each request.  Then, in your common RDBO base class, just add a method:
>     sub app { MyWebSite->current_app }
> and now you can get at it from any RDBO object.

Yes, I will try this but I was hoping for some import hack that would do this 
for me by just 'use'-ing 
a plugin module. Then I wouldn't have to do it again for every app in every 
(base) class and I don't 
have base classes for everything yet.

But anyway I think this is a good start.


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