On 30 Jan 2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> In SVN, I've just added a new method type to one-to-many relationships
> (no docs yet).  Right now, I'm calling it "find".  It's for fetching
> related objects using ad-hoc queries instead of being constrained to
> the mapping defined in the relationship metadata itself.  It has no
> ability to "set" related objects; it just returns them.
> So, does this method type seem useful?  If so, what do you think of
> the method type name ("find") and the default method name format
> ("find_<relationship-name>")?  Finally, should this method type be
> created by default for all one-to-many relationships, or should it
> have to be manually requested in the relationship setup?

It's exactly right.  It should be created by default for all
relationships.  It will save me, at least, many lines of code.

I would also ask for a load_speculative() method, which simply calls
load with (speculative=>1).  I know about default_load_speculative,
this is a local override.  Yes, it pollutes the namespace--I think
it's worthwhile.


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