On 2/1/07 2:03 PM, Mike Schilli wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, John Siracusa wrote:
>> I question the wisdom of not supplying a sort_by paramater, however.
> You're right, in the general case, sort_by is essential, but often
> times, the application knows that there's either exactly one matching
> record in the database or none.

Maybe you should share that information with the database... :)

> It's something that I'm running into quite frequently:
> I want to find out whether a matching record exists or not, and
> load it if so. I guess it comes from using Class::DBI previously,
> which allowed calls like
>     my $cd = Music::CD->find_or_create({ artist => 'U2', title => 'Boy' });
> Just speculating: Could this be added to the new find() method?

It's something entirely different.  The only thing in common is the word
"find".  There's already a load_or_save() Helper method, but with the word
"load" in there, it of course needs a unique key.  I think I'd have to see
some more requests and usage examples before adding something like the
db_find_or_create() method posted earlier.  Right now, it seems very odd to
me.  What does everyone else think?


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