perhaps this is related to the new "undef_sets_null" but I am not sure.
The problem:
I have some fields where it is important if they are "empty" or not. Now
"emptyness" is not so easy in SQL as we all know, it could be '' or 0 or
NULL. When I create a record with such a field, it is usually NULL but
after some editing with the help of RHTMLO the empty field value could
become '' when saved.
And then it is necessary to have a relatively complex query to check if
the field is still empty:
OR => [
    field => '',
    field => undef,

To make life easier I created a custom field type in RHTMLO that changes
'' to undef/NULL where necessary but I wonder if there isn't a better
way, like a RDBO parameter 'empty_sets_null' or 'false_sets_null' in a
column definition.

Or am I missing the obvious?


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