Have a bit of trouble with a Manager query. Trying to keep it short and
sweet, I am searching a table "orders" which has a onetoone relationship
called destaddress.  The first 3 queries here work:

push @query, ('custlastname' => {like => '%smith%'});
push @query, ('destaddress.primecontact' => {like => '%smith%'});
push @query, (or => ['custlastname' => {like => '%smith%'}]);

but when the subtable query is put in the "OR" array viz:

push @query, ('or' => ['destaddress.primecontact' => {like => '%smith%'}]);

it fails with:

Invalid query parameter: destaddress.primecontact at line 991
 at C:/Perl/site/lib/Rose/DB/Object/ line 132

Am I doing something stupid or can one not do relationships within an "or"

thanks for any advice,

James Masters.

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