Hello all.  I'm serializing some RDBO objects and it's causing some AUTOLOAD
confusion when I make a typo.  For example, without Storable this code:


Produces the expected error:

  Can't locate object method "some_method_that_doesnt_exist" via package
"Whatever" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Rose/DB/Object.pm line 1499

But if I pass the object through Storable:

    use Storable qw(freeze thaw);
    my $foo = freeze($object);
    my $obj = thaw($foo);

I get the completely nonsensical error:

    Can't store CODE items at ../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into
../../lib/auto/Storable/_freeze.al) line 287

In case it helps, I'm running the latest RDBO from CPAN, Storable 2.13 and
Perl v5.8.5.

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