On 2/20/08, John Siracusa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Exceptions are thrown unconditionally in situations that are beyond
>  the bounds of "graceful" error handling.  For example:
>     Carp::croak "Error in generated code for method $name - [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
>  When something like that happens, you need to know immediately :)  If
>  there are some specific cases of unconditional croak() that you think
>  should be handled by meta->handle_error, list them so we can discuss
>  them.

The situation that I'm facing right now is when I set the value of a
column to one longer than the column length, either through
instantiation or the column's generated method:

my $user = Foo::User->new( username => 'too_long_username');



Either one of those results in a croak().    Seems to me that
handle_error() is not inappropriate for that situation.


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