On 07/02/12 20:04, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 07, 2012, Brett McCoy wrote:
>>> The pitch bend ruler in matrix view seems heavily broken. Placing a
>>> point at position in time it gets placed in randomly different places,
>>> deleting points is not awlays possible and doing it erratically deletes
>>> notes, as well as screwing up the undo sistem (i.e. you delete pitch
>>> bend points, it deletes notes and you cannot undo it, so you have lost
>>> those notes).
>> I've had the same experience with the pitch bend ruler also in recent
>> versions. It's not usable like this.
> This is the first I've heard of catastrophic problems with the pitch bend
> ruler.  The new rulers since 10.02 or so have remained somewhat buggy and
> unfinished, but at least barely usable.  I tried to improve them a bit, and
> didn't really succeed.  Any additional gains here require the hand of a
> sharper mind than mine; somebody like Ted Felix, say.
Well I don't know if it would be unpolite to mention another software 
which IMHO opinion does it quite right with the pitch bend and 
controller rulers stuff.
> In any case, I've had a look at the carnage myself.  The biggest problem I
> note is that after you draw the first point with the pencil, the cursor
> changes into a hand, and remains that way.  This makes it considerably tricky
> to put the next point where you want it.
Yes. and also it is not movable... I guess one would expect to be able 
to click. then drag but you need to use the selection tool to do it.
> I didn't reproduce any problems with failing to place a point somewhere
> reasonable (ie. somewhere under the big hunk of real estate covered by the
> hand cursor), with notes getting deleted, or with anything getting stuck
> permanently in a state where undo would lead to permanent loss of data.

> With two people reporting similar problems, I'm inclined to believe the
> problems really exist, but I was not able to reproduce any of them.  There's
> more to this than a quick skim of the surface will reveal, apparently.
> I'm not sure where it goes from here.  If somebody could come up with a
> consistent and precise recipe for reproducing the problem, that would be a
> great start.  We have to get the thing misbehaving in order to analyze its
> behavior, and figure out where it's going wrong.
I *think* the problem happens when you zoom in. That is if you open a 
Matrix and leave it with the default zoom everything seems ok. If you 
zoom in the strangeness seems to happen.
I made a quick video hope it helps (sorry no audio):
> I'm out of time for the moment, and more likely for the week the way things
> have been going, but I'll keep my eye on this as much as I can manage.
Thnk you so much for your quick response ;)

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