On Tue, 8 May 2012, Abrolag wrote:

> On the promotional side...
> For what it's worth, absolutely every track on my website - and there are one 
> or
> two there :) - was developed and performed using Rosegarden. This includes
> controlling both hardware and soft synths, hydrogen drum machine and embedded
> audio.

As a 50 years old man I started again making music after 25 years of
being busy with other things. Its now a few weeks since I noticed
Rosegarden, and I liked it from the first moment on. To get rid of big
latencies and jitter I used fluidsynth as a plugin. This is the only
synth I used in the song "Die Nacht am Meer", even for the drums. My wife
was so happy with the results that she placed the song on her blog:



Of course she placed a Rosegarden-Link as well there.

I am very, very happy that development goes on. Unfortunately I cannot
install all the neccessary header files on my Ubuntu 11.10 to compile
the most recent version of Rosegarden because of dependency conflicts. I
guess on this Ubuntu there's still a little mess when you have 64 and 32
bit software mixed

However, Rosegarden is my favourite tool.


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