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On 10/12/12 07:39, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> ====== ROSEGARDEN 12.12, codename "Glenfiddich" RELEASED ======
> The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 12.12 of
> Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for
> Linux.
> This release continues the trend of putting almost all development
> effort into stabilization instead of new features.  Once again, Ted
> Felix deserves a large amount of credit for his tenacious pursuit of
> solutions to immensely complex problems.
> ===== Bug Fixes =====
>     * The last release was r12926 in svn.
>     * Fix for bug #1348 (was #3542166) "MIDI Recording Drops Notes" (r12959)
>     * Fix for bug #1349 (was #3546135) "Crash going past end of
> composition" (r13005)
>     * r12928-12933 have Chris fixing up some audio stuff that looks
> important.  Crashes are mentioned.
>     * r12937 has Tom adding some controller commands that look really
> interesting.
>     * Julien (serval2412) sent us some cppcheck-related code quality
> fixes in r12943 and r12950.
>     * When a repeating segment follows an ordinary segment, if the
> clef/key is redundant and therefore hidden, the first repeat bar was
> misplaced in the notation editor. (The bar inset was computed without
> taking account of clef/key redundance.)
>     * Lyrics with multiple verses are now distributed among repeated
> segments (true repeating segments or successive linked segments) in the
> notation editor. This is controlled by the new "distribute verses"
> option in the notation panel of the configuration editor
>     * Notation editor : When there are more repeated segments displayed
> than the number of verses in lyrics, first verses are shown again under
> the last segments.
>     * Patch to fix the float edit thing from Tim Munro (r13102)
>     * Synth plugins Controls button crash and a plugin settings bug fix
> from Tim Munro. (r13103)
>     * Fix broken delete audio files dialog, bug #1357. (r13111 and r13112)
>     * Better handling of overlapping notes when recording.  This is a
> partial fix for bug #1350 "Can't Record Beethoven". (r13116)
>     * Meter deflection fix from Robin Gareus (r13104)
>     * Fix broken segment transpose controls #1361 (r13118)
>     * Patch from Tim Munro to add lib64 variants to search path for DSSI
> and LADSPA plugins (r13125)
>     * Fix a bug that sometimes crashed RG (r13134)
>     * Notation view left and right arrows now skip over "hidden" events
> that show only in rulers (r13135)
>     * Fix for bug #1352 "Manage Synth Plugins crash" (r13138, r13139)
>     * Fix for bug #1375.  Rosegarden exports foreign character filenames
> correctly (r13151)
> ===== New Features =====
>     * Tom's new controller commands (r12937).  Notation view has a new
> menu of controller commands, allowing controllers to be placed, edited,
> and copy/cut/pasted in a group.

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