On 01/28/2013 05:53 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

> is: why if a MIDI device is lacking a bank mapping, can't one just edit
> back and program changes numerically (0-127)?
> Is it also simply a bug or is there some reason?

It's a very old design decision.  If there is no text defined for a 
given number, Rosegarden hides that number from the user.  I tried to 
work around this years ago with a device definition containing nothing 
but numbers.

Even if that solution is good enough in general, it doesn't do you any 
good if you can't access the damn device manager to load the thing, does it?

I just experimented with the size problem you reported.  I remember why 
this thing sets itself to a fixed size now, and I did that myself.  The 
dialog is useless at less than minimum size, because it has no 
scrollbars, and I can't come up with a reasonable way to tweak that.

Surely that's what I concluded a million years ago too, and that's why 
it ended up this way.

It's been good enough for everyone for quite a long time now, so the 
most reasonable thing to do is see if we can get you to live with it 
like everybody else, and simply change nothing.  Could you use the Alt 
key to drag the dialog around without its title bar?  Do you have 
something in place that's overriding the 9 pt. fonts it's set to use?

I know, in a perfect world and all that, but this isn't a perfect world. 
  Did I mention I've always REALLY sucked with Qt Designer, and that's 
why I do all of my own GUI layouts in raw code?  Wasn't my decision to 
make this dialog in Designer, but I sure don't want to rewrite it from 
scratch and debug all of that to please one user either.  Pick your 
D. Michael McIntyre

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