> On Sat, 12 Jul 2014, German wrote:
>> Hello list. Just installed Rosegarden. However when I start it, it says:
>> "Rosegarden was unable to find a high-resolution
>> timing source for MIDI performance." It then advice me to load the
>> module, modeprobe snd-rtctimer. However I don't have such a module on
>> this system. How serious is this? Thanks
> Use a Kernel with HZ1000 set. Those kernel packages have usually
> "lowlatency" in their name. The message vanishes then.
> Lowlatency kernels are good both for Rosegarden and for JACK.

Unfortunately they tend NOT TO WORK with proprietary graphics drivers from
AMD/ATI and NVidia.

My recommendation, is to ignore the message, and try Rosegarden out with
your existing configuration and see if you can notice any problems/delays.
If there is a problem you can always switch kernels IF the version you are
using is not necessary for the graphics driver you are using.

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