When I got into acoustic drums, I ended up with an audio interface that 
is only useful on Windows or OS-X.  I'm not paying what they want for a 
Mac, and that is how I came to be running Windows for audio recording.

Since I finally had to break down and buy a Windows machine, I have been 
working on a side project with Richard Bown to take Rosegarden 

The objective is a Rosegarden that can compile and run usefully on 
Linux, Windows, and hopefully OS-X, using the same codebase for all 
platforms, and with centrally managed, regular releases.

After some initial work that was good for other platforms at the expense 
of being too destructive to Linux, I am taking a hard look at switching 
from ALSA to RtMidi, which Richard reports as "just about" recording and 
playing MIDI in the original Windows fork.

I haven't begun on any of this yet, but it does look encouraging. 
RtMidi can use JACK MIDI or ALSA, in that order, which addresses all of 
the users who wish we had JACK MIDI support.

The plan I am currently sketching out is to switch Rosegarden over to 
RtMidi on Linux, get that working, and then the resulting Rosegarden 
will be easier to port to other platforms.  This removes the biggest 
dependency that is absolutely Linux-specific.

Before I really dive into pulling all of this together, I thought it 
would be appropriate to see how both the developer and user communities 
feel about all this.

In the meantime, I'm off to see the new Star Trek movie in IMAX.
D. Michael McIntyre

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