On 04/18/2017 08:51 AM, David Tisdell wrote:
> I am running Rosegarden 15.12 and Yoshimi
> I can go into Yoshimi and set the sounds I want to use but when I hit play
> in Rosegarden, it is as if it gets a Midi signal to change sounds and
> starts using sounds I did not select.

   This sounds familiar.  About a year ago, Lorenzo Sutton brought up 
this issue here on the user list.  The conclusion was that he needed to 
use a yoshimi.rgd file and let rosegarden do the configuring.

   You can read the discussion here:


   Lorenzo's post starts a few screens down.  Search the page for 
Lorenzo to get there quickly.

   You should be able to download the latest yoshimi.rgd file directly here:



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