On 08/09/2018 03:16 AM, david wrote:
Trying to run it from command line after building it gives me a very
brief flash of splash screen, then this appears in the terminal:
free(): invalid pointer

  Same as before.  Again, best guess is a library issue.

Ideas? I know I'm not running a "standard, stable distribution," but if Rosegarden ends up not working under that, how good a chance will it have when Testing becomes the new Stable?

I'm guessing someone tracks down the offending library and reports it. I assume they back-level them one by one to find them, then try building a newer or older version to figure out exactly where the failure is. It should get shaken out eventually.

I haven't got Ubuntu 18 installed anywhere to test. Does RG work on Ubuntu 18?

I upgrade to the latest Ubuntu about one month after it is released. Ubuntu 18.04 works fine.


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