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Alexander Abramidis <a.abrami...@metamatix.de> wrote:

>Am 01.11.18 um 18:10 schrieb Will Godfrey:
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>> Alexander Abramidis <a.abrami...@metamatix.de> wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I am a complete newbee to Rosegarden, so please excuse me if I ask basic
>>> things.
>>> I have a Linux Mint 18, 4.4.0 Kernel on a Thinkpad T530.
>>> My Audacity works quite fine and all other programs have working sound
>>> output.
>>> My installation Rosegarden (15.12) + Qsynth + Jack does not output any
>>> sound.
>>> I started that way: QJackCtl, QSynth, Rosegarden.
>>> No matter if I load a MID file or enter some notes and let it run, there
>>> is no sound.
>>> If have another program running (e.g. Banshee) it blocks the sound
>>> output of the other program. So I guess it uses s.th. in a wrong way.
>>> Can anybody please give me a hint?
>>> Any tip is highly appreciated!  
>> Have you set Rosegarden to look for Qsynth?
>> Studio->Mange MIDI Devices  
>Sorry, I got lost. There is a lot of things in there: playing, existing
>midi outputs, midi inputs, midi recording ...
>but no QSynth, the "refresh" buttons have no effect, too.

Ah! I forgot - it's a long time since I used Qsynth! . It will show up on the
right hand side as something like '129:0 Synth input port (11147:0) (write)'.

When sending MIDI to it, the bottom left of its window should flash and activity

Will J Godfrey
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