On 4/1/19 4:15 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
The tooltip suggests that this is 'media record' which I assume must be some weird key on 'multimedia keyboards'.

The other option is to use the space bar after starting playback. So... Ctrl+Enter to begin playback, then spacebar to start recording.

This seems less than ideal since it doesn't give you a metronome at the very beginning.

Is there a relatively easy way to change this? IIRC now keyboard shortcuts are hardcoded somewhere while once they used to be editable.

data/rc/rosegardenmainwindow.rc contains the shortcuts for the main window.

  See feature request #412 for more details.  I just updated it.


In this case I think the default should be changed to something more sane such as SHIFT+R or maybe CTRL+R (as the play shortcut is CTRL + Enter)...?

  Ctrl+R is used in notation.rc for Phrase > Triplet.

  Shift+R is used in the notation editor (notation.rc) to insert an F#.

  Shift+R is used in the matrix editor (matrix.rc) to insert an F# as well.

I just tried Ctrl+R in rosegardenmainwindow.rc and we crash due to the conflict.

  Some possible options:

Ctrl+Space - This works fine, no conflicts.

Ctrl+E - This works fine, no conflicts.

Ctrl+R - We would have to move the notation editor's Ctrl+R to Ctrl+I. Anyone who has Ctrl+R memorized as "Triplet" will be very annoyed.

  I'm thinking Ctrl+Space is probably the way to go.  Any concerns?


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